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Hydro Vanilla SMP was originally founded by Tehlo in mid 2018. He got tired of searching for servers, because none would fit his needs. So he launched his own, and that’s where it all started..

Hydro Vanilla SMP has been steadily growing and is slowly become one of the most recognised Vanilla SMP’s out there while expanding its borders. All so you can get the best Minecraft experience there is!

We are Hydro

With over 5 years of combined server running experience, Hydro Vanilla SMP is on top of the Minecraft Vanilla Server list. We bring new, fresh and enhanced gameplay to the players that seek the best experience there is. Right in front of you on your monitor!

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Playing since 16/11/2018
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If you are looking for a chilled, mature Vanilla SMP server, Hydro is simply one of the best ones out there! Overall, they got the essentials of what makes for a great SMP: A lovable and overworked Staff Team, a map that continues to grow with the help of the players, and finally a community that are good-natured and, like you, are just as passionate in video games.

Plugins are a secondary feature, and are used only to enhance the quality of life and aesthetics (such as SinglePlayerSleep and PlayerHeads), rather than straying too far from the original vanilla experience. Do expect the typical survival minecraft grind (and perhaps a few snapshot crashes until 1.14 releases), but ultimately, you won't regret applying at Hydro!
Playing since 29/09/2018
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Words cannot express how much I really love this server! Great community, late-night games, fun voice chat and the occasional memes. I honestly could not ask for a better server to play on!
Playing since 6/09/2018
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I know some people reading this may see this as a "fraud review" because I am a Staff Member on the server. But I assure you that this is genuinely the BEST Survival server that I have ever been apart of. Even before I became a member of Staff the team was really helpful and super friendly to everyone! I am very much a "Pure Vanilla Lover" so this server is perfect for me...(there are some plugins installed but they just enhance the Vanilla aspect instead of take away from it). I discovered this server on Reddit...(as well as all of the past servers I have played on) and I am very happy to have found this server because of the friendly community, Vanilla aspect, and just the fact that it is still around more than 9 months later, and will continue to be around for long into the future!
Playing since 10/10/2018
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An above average server with almost zero issues (without snapshot issues). A very nice community with a nice founder ( Tehlo ). People ask for tips about building and trades all the time! You will fit right in from the first time joining! We also have some datapacks which will not ruin any of the Vanilla gameplay . Overall a nice server you can play for a while as long as you don't break the rules !
Playing since 31/03/19
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An amazing server full of amazing people with amazing builds! A server that develops the latest in building and redstone techniques! A really caring community both mature and fun!
Playing since 29/09/2018
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HydroSMP is Vanilla based Survival Minecraft server. The largest role on the server plays the community. Both the staff and players alike are super friendly and the majority are just generally fun to be around. Time you spend on this server is really enjoyable especially if you play with friends or if you join a guild and play with other guild members. Server doesn’t have any major plugins except some data packs (e.g. OnePlayerSleep and Player Graves) which make the experience even better. The level of thought that lovely staff team puts into design, events and new features decisions really shines through. That being said, the server with its strict 18+ community allows to accommodate almost every user and cater to different players specific tastes.

Staff Team

Because Hydro Vanilla SMP isn’t classified as a small server anymore, we were in need of a good Staff Team! Our current Staff Team has 10 Staff members that will always be on standby to resolve your issues, remotely, or in the game itself!



Founder of Hydro Vanilla SMP. Handles important issues, and can always be reached on Discord for anything you want to throw at him (occasional memes are welcome)!



CO-CEO of Hydro Vanilla SMP. Has been friends with Tehlo for over 2 years, and is the true Technician Hydro needed! Does most of the back-end stuff for the server, and makes sure we keep running!

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Head of HR! Deals with internal issues and conflicts within the community. Brings conflict resolution experience, professionalism, and managerial experience to the server. Is always there to help or chat when you need it!



Technician, Programmer, Hydro's Own Developer and all-round great guy to hang out with! Can handle all your technical issues in no-time and will always be there to help out a hand!

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Head-Moderator and person to blame for everything. Has been here since the first Season, and will certainly give you a laugh or 2 ;). Amazing builder and great guy, certainly give him a call when you need help!



Moderator and someone with amazing humour! Can always put you in a good mood and cheer you up again! Will also be able to help out with base-claims and Discord related issues!



Moderator and a person you won't meet ever again! This dude can always crack you up and is always active, so don't hesitate to give this man a call when you need it!



Head-Helper and overall great guy! Will help you out with base-claims and other Discord related issues! 🙂 (oh and is always down to play a little party game)



Helper and always very friendly and helpfull! Will always help you out with what you need, and won't stop till everything is done!



Helper and amazing builder! This dude can put down a block of dirt and it would look amazing! Is always ready for you to review Applications or make sure your experience is Top-Notch!

The Hydro Vanilla SMP Staff Team! - by ArcticOwl42


As stated above, Hydro Vanilla SMP was started by Tehlo, but he was as broke as could be when he did. Because of this, Hydro Vanilla SMP is 100% community funded by donations from our Members!
The current costs of the server are $65 USD a month, because we host on a Dedicated Server! The specs of this server are:
– i7 6700k @ 4.0 Ghz
– 64 GB of DDR4 RAM
– 500GB SSD

If you too want to support our server, you can donate to your PayPal with the link below!

Donation Perks:
– Custom Discord Role
– A custom color on the Minecraft Server
– A colored Elytra trail when flying
 More to come soon!

Donation Money

The money that we receive from Members on our PayPal account is 100% used to fund the server. Nobody ever keeps any money for himself, and we believe that transparancy in this subject is really important. Never has any money been turned out to a Private Bank account from a Staff member, and earning something from Hydro was never the case. All the money that we receive is used to grow, maintain and keep on running our amazing Server!