Most frequent questions and answers about Hydro Vanilla SMP!

You can join using this Discord link. In order to get into the server itself you have to write an application and be atleast 18 years of age! If we think you would fit in, you will get accepted and get to play along with us!

We are currently using the latest 1.14 release of Minecraft on the Java edition of the Game. Once 1.14.x updates are released we will update to those as soon as stable PaperMC builds are released!

We currently have over 400 Members on our Discord server and easily peak at 120+ active members on a daily basis! We strive to get the best playing experience there is for the Members, and what more fun can you have with tons of others!

We have a specific set of rules customized to our Members’ needs which you can find here or on Discord under #rules-and-info! If you ever have any questions about the rules just make a Ticket or ask around on the Discord.

Ofcourse you can! We encourage people to play here with their friends because it makes the experience tons better, and who wouldn’t want to mess around with their friends on a Minecraft Server! You can invite them using this link.